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Update: November 2009

CDI Central

Rev. Kouakou Prao

We have a mission in four zones with just over 100 churches and 3,500 members.  The work has continued to develop and we have a goal of 200 churches on each zone.  They have been waiting for the Jesus Film Equipment to plant churches but now we are looking for ways to start churches without the equipment.

The work has just begun under new leadership with Rev. Prao beginning as the new DS and developing new leaders. They have decided to have everyone give into the OWE and to raise their goals to 200,000 cfa this coming year.

CDI South

Rev. Djedje Yao Clement

We had 81 churches in the district in 2008 and one church in Guinea Conakry.  Today we have opened seven churches in the south and four churches in Guinea.  We now have three zones with leaders who are taking on the responsibilities to operate like mini- districts.

Each area has had mini assemblies with an emphasis in self development.  We have been working on each person in the district membership to give a minimum each month toward the growth of the church.  We are also using the training for AIDS awareness and potentially have medical clinics in each zonal area to help the people.

This year the women raised up funds and rented a vehicle to come to Ghana for the women’s convention.  They are maturing in their faith and have not relied on dependence on others.

There was a great camp for the youth and with special speakers from the Ghana district. It was a great collaboration and the impact has been positive.  Other training was in children ministry and finance this year as well.  We created a cloth material that is for the women’s ministry.  The cloth has the logo of the Church of the Nazarene in three languages; French, English, and Portuguese.  We are selling the material to raise funds for the women.  The material has been well accepted by our members and even other leaders across the Africa West Field.

We praise God for what he is doing across the country of Cote d’Ivoire.

Rev. Djedje Yao Clement

DS South District CDI

Update: October 2008

The Church of the Nazarene in Cote d’Ivoire

The church of the Nazarene in Cote d’Ivoire is separated into two districts : The Cote d’Ivoire South district and the the Cote d’Ivoire Central district. 


        Pastor DjeDje, the RCI South District DS


The January 2008 District Assembly


- District Superintendent : Rév DJEDJE Yao Clément

- The Zonal Coordinators : Rév GOHI Goulia et Rév KOUAKOU Prao

-South Zone : Coordinator : Rév MUKENDI M. Alidor

a. North Abidjan Section : Rév KOUAKOU Privat

  1. b.North-east Abidjan Section : Rév MUKENDI M. Alidor

c. Autoroute Section : Rév ISSA Moïse

- West Zone : Coordinator : Past. SERY Arnault

a. San Pedro Section : Past. DOBA Paul

b. Sassandra Section : Past. KOUADIO Kouamé Julien

- Central Zone : Coordinator : Past. AGUEDEBO Félix

a. Divo Section : Past. AGUEDEBO Félix

b. Lakota Section : Past. KOUADIO Koffi Etienne

- East Zone : Coordinator : Rév ALLA Konan

a. South Abidjan Section : Rév EKPALE Kouakou Jean

b. Aboisso Section : Past. GRAH Marcelin

c. Cocody Section : Past. KOUAKOU Prao


-District Superintendent : Rév Kouakou Prào

    Zone MOYEN CAVALY                 Rev. SOHOU Tea Emile


    Zone 18 MONTAGNES                 Pastor TOUAKEUSS Tome


    Zone HAUT SASSANDRA            Rev. N'GORAN Christophe


    Zone MARAHOUE                        Pastor KONAN Simplice


    Zone LACS                                    Pastor GOMEZ Basile



Leaders of Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire South:

Zonal Coordinators


Rév MUKENDI M. Alidor

Responsible for the South Zone

Past. AGUEDEBO Félix

Responsible for the Central Zone

Rév N’GORAN Christopher        

Responsible for the HSF Zone

Past. TOME Touakesse

Responsible for the 18 M Zone

Past. KESSE Daudet                 

Responsible for the MC Zone

Past. KOUADIO Simplice Responsible for the Marah Zone


Current Events

Ministers completing the course of Study in Cote d’Ivoire

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