Become a Partner and make a Difference

We desire partners for three main needs.

  • Leadership Development and Training
  • District Centers for Development
  • Discipleship and Educational Literature

We hope that you will become involved in helping us to reach these goals so that one day when we step back to see what God has done, we can rejoice in the strength and eternal witness of a strong West African Church of the Nazarene.

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Building a major structure of any kind requires three fundamental parts.

The first is a good foundation.  It must be dug deep into the surface, it must include iron and cement to hold it together and it must be level and accurate.  A poor foundation leads to future disaster.

The second is quality materials.  Finding the best materials means a long lasting structure and the end result will show the great craftsmanship that has been so carefully applied.

The third is a network of scaffolding that holds the structure in place while the critical phases of construction begin. Sometimes parts of the building phase needs extra access or leverage to get through the more critical aspects of construction. Once the structure begins to take shape and the work matures to a point of being able to stand on its own, the scaffolding is then removed.

Christ Centred
Developing a Christ centered church planting movement has many of the same characteristics of the steps to building a good structure.  We believe we have a solid foundation of faith and doctrine in the Church of the Nazarene.  We have studied and applied principles for church growth that have already resulted in multiple churches planting multiple churches.

We Believe
We believe that the quality of our national leaders and their commitment to building an indigenous church that touches the needs of the heart of their people. We have seen capable men and women taking roles of leadership and ministry opportunities that is creating an effective witness to the world.

Our partnership with friends from abroad is the key to providing the scaffolding needed to help our young church develop and grow into the mature church we all dream it to become.  We are not asking our partners to do what our local churches can and should do on their own.

Please explore further how you can best help and become a partner with the Friends of West Africa!

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